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HEY!!! Anyone in the NYC area, come out to see my band, [ghost this], play some awesome live music this friday! We’ll be playing such classics as Twilight Sucks, Green lantern is Better and Cape && Cowl! So come on down! If you can’t come, tell a friend! Tell an acquaintance! Tell that weird kid down the street! TELL EVERYONE!!!

Event info here:

Here’s something everyone should get to say more often: these are tow bad-ass cello players! You don’t have to be a Gn’R fan, or a fan of “Welcome To The Jungle,” to appreciate the awesomeness of this video — just remember that Axl Rose and Slash are being bested by two dudes who probably got as picked on as I did in orchestra class back in the day — that’s awesome in and of itself.  (I lied back there, nobody cared that I was an orch-dork when I was younger and I loved every second of it.)

evan-roy asked:

I wanted to thank you for following me and let you know that I just put a video up with a new track from my upcoming EP!

You can check out the post here:

Reblog it if you feel like helping me out, and let me know what you think of the new song. :)

Oh, and as for the question: If you got to pick one super power to have, what would it be?

Thanks for reaching out, Evan-roy.  If you’re interested in an album review, please contact my mail blog -  If you send us a copy I’d be happy to push out my review over tumblr, that blog, etc.

As for super powers, probably transportation.  It’d change everything — imagine transporting to every taco bell in the world until you found one with no line!

Or of course I could always cheat and go with the power to have more powers…

How did Weezer do covering Radiohead’s Ok Computer classic Paranoid Android?  Honestly…pretty well.  Does Rivers project that strange sort of haunting sensation that York’s voice somehow transmits when he sings?  Of course not.  But that’s ok, no one expects Rivers to do that.  He’s just too damn adorable.

As far as anyone who isn’t Radiohead could play radiohead, these guys did a solid job.  They didn’t add anything, they didn’t offer a unique interpretation, but they did the song justice in its own right — not an easy task with such a complicated and interesting track.

I hate to say it, but but that depress me.  This cover just leads to so many questions about what Weezer might have been had they seemed to care a bit more, if they hadn’t gotten scared away from the direction Pinkerton seemed to suggest they were going, if they took themselves  just a bit more seriously.

I take it back, it really only leads to oen question: where the hell was all this talent hiding?

Don’t get me wrong — I like Weezer.  And I don’t fault them for deciding to make simple fun pop songs — they’ve done a great job and sold a lot of records.

Still, I don’t know why Weezer always seemed afraid of their potential, I really don’t.  And this video makes me wish they weren’t.

Is Bono A Tool: The Definitive Discussion (Via: Contested)

Breaking (satirical) news: the long-awaited, end-all-be-all rumination regarding the relative tool-ness (or lack there of) of the legendary rocker Bono has finally been unveiled!  Follow the link, check it out, and make sure to leave your responses in the comments!  I want to hear what you all think - where does Bono rate on your “tool” scale?

So apparently, Michael Buble is the man.  Not only was he a good sport to the crazy lady, not only was he an even better sport to the kid who he let sing, he was just straight up awesome.  He was hysterical, he was genuinely excited the kid could sing, and he gave a talented young man the chance of a life time.  Bravo, sir.  Further evidence that unscripted entertainment is the only real kind of entertainment.

Thanks to Rah for sending me this video.  Check out his awesome blog (which I also contribute to!) at

Born which way, Lady Gaga?

Weird Al making fun of one of your songs should be a huge compliment.

From Madonna to Michael Jackson, from Coolio to…ok the Coolio one was REALLY funny so I’m just going to mention that one a second time - Al makes fun of the untouchable.  That’s what he does.  He goes after made men (and monsters.)  If he’s looking to have a little fun at your expense, you’ve done something very right.

So why did Lady Gaga say no to this parody of her most recent chart topper?  I’m not going to bother guessing.  I’m not going to say it isn’t her right to say no if he asked.

What I am going to say is that the video is really funny.

Come to think of it though, I do find myself wondering what she had against this song getting on the album?

Confidence generally breeds the ability to take some good-natured ribbing at your expense with grace and good humor.  I was under the impression that Gaga had nothing to be ashamed of - that she is who she is and nothing will make her forget that.  After all, she was born this way, was she not?  So why can’t she take a joke at her expense without taking it personally?

I know I know, as soon as I post this there’s going to be a very reasonable explanation (read: excuse) about why she legitimately didn’t want this song on Weird Al’s album.

Still, Lady Gaga is a cultural phenomenon, and Weird Al is, well, the most famous accordion player in America.  (Whom I love and think is hilarious - nothing personal Weird Al!  Big fan.)

So tell me Mother Monster - if you were really born this way, if you’re confident and have nothing to hide, what makes you so afraid of the likes of Weird Al?  What did he say that hit a nerve with you?  Is it possible something he said is more true than you care to admit, to yourself or to your monsters?

Perhaps the problem is that deep down you really do fear that you were born the way Weird Al sees you, not the way the monsters do.

As if I wasn’t excited enough for Danger Mouse’s upcoming album Rome, this track just pushed me over the edge.  Rome is supposed to be a spaghetti western album.  I don’t know what that means.  It seems Danger and his crew take great pride in mentioning that they recorded the entire album in old-school analog formats using parts they traded for with bottles of wine.  I don’t know why that’s suddenly important to Danger.  What I do know is that Jack White, Nora Jones, and Danger Mouse on the same track is mind-numbingly exciting, and this track is an indication of great things to come.

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